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KidsBooksIrel @KidsBooksIrel
Childrens Books Irel  @KidsBooksIrel
RT @IrishArtsCenter:SWAP with Steve Light! We are learning how to draw monkeys and ships and all kinds of cool things. #RiRa https://t.co/XZMuXmoM09 
Childrens Books Irel  @KidsBooksIrel
RT @IrishArtsCenter:We are ready to create more monsters! This time with Niamh Sharkey from @DisneyJunior ‘s @HenryHuggle Monster! #RiRa https://t.co/QtZLrjDZ87 
Childrens Books Irel  @KidsBooksIrel
RT @IrishArtsCenter:Glow in the dark monsters light up the Manhattan skyline at #RiRa with Niamh Sharkey https://t.co/Ew5J4TcQDS