CBI Reads 

SAFPThis week CBI Director Elaina is reading Spare and Found Parts by Sarah Maria Griffin (also chosen as one of Gutter Bookshop’s Christmas recommendations!) She says, ‘Its beautifully written, vivid, thoughtful and its imagined version of Dublin is a perfect balance of strange and familiar. This is a different type of dystopia with a smart, vulnerable, believable heroine at its heart.’

Publications and Communications Manager Jenny is reading Ironman: The Gauntlet by previous Laureate na nÓg Eoin Colfer. She says ‘I was ready for some light-hearted mayhem and this is exactly eoin-colfer-iron-manwhat I got. It is everything you expect from an Ironman instalment- the combination of Eoin Colfer and Tony Stark is as snarky as you might have imagined, the book is a riot of wise-cracking, clever gadgetry and general destruction. But there is a whole lot of heart, Colfer has always had a talent for writing strong and feisty females and Saoirse, Tony’s sidekick does not disappoint.’   

IMG_20161123_113055As Christmas approaches and presents are being sourced for the little littles in her life, Administrative Assistant Ciara is reading seasonal picture books. Most notably she has fallen in love with Jory John and Lane Smith’s Penguin Problems, a hilariously apt tale about a small penguin suffering from a mix of boredom, depression and overly dramatic sensibilities. A perfect choice to encourage mindfulness for readers both young and old!

Our intern Keelin is reading Blame by Simon Mayo, a YA novel about a fifteen year old girl  and her 11 year old brother who have been imprisoned due to legacy crimes, crimes their parents committed.

Programme and Events Manager Aoife is reading an early proof copy of Optimists Die First by Susin Nielsen. After seeing North-American-Optimists-Cover-199x300Susin speak at Deptcon2 Aoife was keen to get stuck into her novels. She says ‘Optimists Die First reminds me of what is best about young adult fiction, an honest, intelligent and witty voice. This book brings me right back to memories of discovering Judy Blume for the first time!’ Optimists Die First will be published in February 2017.