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Reading for all the family with the O’Gara Family

Our intern Keelin recently spoke to Jessica O’Gara, teacher, mother of five, and wife to Irish Rugby legend Ronan O’Gara about the importance of reading with her family. The O’Gara family live in France where Ronan works with the coaching team of Racing 92, a Paris-based rugby union club. We at CBI didn’t want them to get homesick, so we sent .

Wolfie the Bunny

The Bunny family have decided it’s time to expand their brood and to do so have adopted a son, a son who turns out to be a wolf! Their eldest daughter, Dot, remains steadfastly unconvinced by her new sibling, as she becomes increasingly concerned that her darling brother is almost certainly set on eating her and her entire family. .


McKee’s latest picturebook tells us all about Denver, who is ‘very, very rich’. ‘To the manor born’, Denver lives a life of prestige, power and privilege. He employs local villagers in a variety of areas: gardener, cook, cleaner, chauffer. He is a benefactor of the school, and contributes to the village community life – even playing Santa. He likes .

Meg Goes to Bed

The sixteenth book in the Meg and Mog series, and the first new book in four years, Meg Goes to Bed follows the adventures of witch Meg, her pet cat Mog and their companion Owl on a typical evening. Meg attempts to cook up a spaghetti supper for her hungry friends, but her plans unfortunately go awry, a familiar .

Dog Loves Books

My dad worked in a library. A favourite treat was to be allowed to enter the ‘back store’, where the smell of books was intoxicating.Dog Loves Books feels as though Louise Yates knew the ‘small me’. Just like Dog, I loved everything about books. But Dog took his passion further – he opened a bookshop. And when customers failed .

The Fly

I have to admit what I love mostly about this book is the strikingly beautiful and well-designed cover. Type and colour occupy most of it, with a frightened little fly peeping out at the bottom. The bold clear print on interior pages, is a great plus for preschoolers. Overall I liked this book’s simple, witty idea. This fly doesn’t .

Ella Moves House

Hassall’s charming story will appeal to those who have just started reading, and is also ideal for reading together. It concerns a little girl, Ella, who lives in a flat with her mother, which is just big enough for them both. The introduction of Joe, mum’s new boyfriend, fills Ella with resentment. His negative impact on her life is .

It’s a Dog’s Life

This story is one day in the life of a sheepdog, from the dog’s viewpoint. Russ is very much a working dog, living on a small farm with sheep and cows. A traditional stone farmhouse – it could be Mayo or it could be Cornwall – with green fields and stone walls. Russ is one happy dog, who knows .

Up and Down

Up and Down tells of the further adventures of Jeffers’ unnamed boy protagonist and his friend, the penguin, whom readers first met inLost and Found. In this ‘sequel’, the boy and the penguin work together to solve a problem: how to help the penguin fly. While the interrelationship between the verbal and visual texts enchantingly celebrates the power of .

There’s Going to be a Baby

This new title from the picturebook dream team John Burningham and Helen Oxenbury doesn’t disappoint. An enchanting tale about the arrival of a new baby, it deals with some of the familiar worries and concerns an older brother has before his new sibling is born – ‘When is the baby going to come?’, ‘What will we call the baby?’, .