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Reading for all the family with the O’Gara Family

Our intern Keelin recently spoke to Jessica O’Gara, teacher, mother of five, and wife to Irish Rugby legend Ronan O’Gara about the importance of reading with her family. The O’Gara family live in France where Ronan works with the coaching team of Racing 92, a Paris-based rugby union club. We at CBI didn’t want them to get homesick, so we sent .

Winter Magic

    This collection of short stories by eleven acclaimed children’s writers is a beautiful physical object. Reminiscent of classic book covers, it would make an excellent gift for any young reader. Even the end pages, featuring the authors’ signatures amid snowflakes, is a clever touch, and makes the collection seem more personal. Inside, the pages feature all the .

My Book of Stories: Write your own Adventures

This and its companion volume Write your own Shakespearean Tale are the first of a series of children’s books commissioned by British Library Publishing. The concept is to encourage children to write their own adventure stories using inspiration from the canon, and Patterson has assembled a treasure trove of material from classics by Lewis Carroll, Michael Morpurgo, Jules Verne, .


Measaim féin gur féidir a lán rudaí a aithint ón gcéad caibidil d’aon leabhar; an leabhar maith é mar shampla, agus an bhfuil fonn ort é a chríochnú! Tar éis an chéad chaibidil den leabhar seo a bheith léite agam, bhí a fhios agam láithreach bonn nach mbeinn in ann é a ligint as mo lámh go dtí go .


When Marcus is given a beautiful white horse to mind, he gets more than he bargained for. The horse is none other than Inciatus, an elected consul under the rule of the eccentric Roman emperor, Gaius, also known as Littleboots. When Marcus brings the horse home, he places his whole family in danger. Caught between trying to hide the .

The Puffin Mother Goose Treasury

Briggs’s solid, comfy country folk, at times Breughelesque, dance, leap and bounce their way cheerfully through the fun-filled pages of well-loved nursery rhymes. Tweedledum and Tweedledee gaze from under their saucepan helmets at the raggedy crow; Jack be Nimble leaps dangerously close to the candle flame; Moses with ‘his toeses’ smiles happily from the bulrushes; the bespectacled Three Jovial .

Scream Street: Terror of the Nightwatchman (Scream Street 9)

Cleo Farr, the mummified former handmaiden to Queen Nefertari of Egypt and self-proclaimed tomboy, has disappeared from the G.H.O.U.L. community of Scream Street. Her friends Luke Watson, a werewolf, and Resus Negative, the son of vampire parents, follow the trail from her smashed bedroom door into the realm of the Nightwatchman. The Nightwatchman feeds on terror and forces Luke, .

Lunatics and Luck (The Raven Mysteries, Book 3)

Your third chance to read the annals of the Otherland family, as told by their guardian, a raven called Raven. And caw blimey, this raven deserves every feather in his cap. What with a small earthquake, an alarming new teacher, and Fellah the pet monkey appearing in a wedding dress while smoking a pipe, the Natural Order is taking .

The Great Space Race

Eric ‘Ace’ Crankshaw’s family are swindled out of millions by evil businessman Zac Zircon. With bankruptcy looming and the unpleasant and showstealing bailiff, Danny Thumper, along with his two savage dogs Love and Hate, on their trail, the Crankshaws try to win $10 million by entering the Zircon-sponsored Great Space Race and be the first to land a rocket .

Lost Dogs

Young stowaway Akeem has just landed in the Northern Irish town of Hardglass. He thinks his troubles are over, but he is about to get caught up in the lives of some extraordinary teenagers. May can sense animals’ thoughts, Ewan is out for revenge on his Da and Andrew struggles to keep everyone safe long enough to make a .