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Reading for all the family with the O’Gara Family

Our intern Keelin recently spoke to Jessica O’Gara, teacher, mother of five, and wife to Irish Rugby legend Ronan O’Gara about the importance of reading with her family. The O’Gara family live in France where Ronan works with the coaching team of Racing 92, a Paris-based rugby union club. We at CBI didn’t want them to get homesick, so we sent .

The Story of Britain

I was never any good at history in school. I wasn’t much good at geography, French, science or maths for that matter, but when it came to history, I was somewhere around the bottom of the class. It’s not that I couldn’t follow along with the class, it’s just that the way it was taught was so painfully, agonisingly .

Puffin by Design, 70 Years of Imagination: 1940-2010

Puffin By Design is many things. It’s a history of a very successful business. It’s a primer on type and graphic design in the publishing world. It also reads as a social history of our islands and of childhood in general. Taken from any of these angles, it is informative and enormously interesting. However, primarily, the book is a .

A River

A young girl gazes out of her bedroom window, imagining herself journeying down a meandering river. The reader follows her little sailboat through dramatic landscapes, exploring cityscapes, farmlands and wilderness. As the scenes shift, the river also makes numerous transformations, from a languid stream to a cascading waterfall, eventually expanding into a swelling sea. Readers will also encounter plenty .