I’ll be Home for Christmas

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I’ll be Home for Christmas

Is there such a thing as a happy home at Christmas? Well, it depends on which of these fourteen stories you read, all written by the UK’s top authors for young adults and compiled in aid of the homelessness charity Crisis. I’ll Be Home for Christmas has stories of varying lengths and styles, written by both women and men, .

Across the Divide

Across the Divide is a compelling historical novel set against the backdrop of the Dublin Lockout of 1913. Central to the novel is the relationship between Liam, tenement-dwelling son of a trade unionist father, and Nora, affluent daughter of a southside wine importer. Their unlikely friendship begins at a feis in the Father Matthew Hall, and develops when they .

Skins: The Novel

This is a spin-off from the popular E4 series which follows a group of teenagers from Bristol and the trials of school, friendship, and love. It’s hard not to view this book as a cashin exercise off the success of the TV series – and fans will certainly find plenty of the requisite profanity, sex, and drug references – .

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (The Hunger Games Part 3)

The conclusion to Suzanne Collins’s hotly anticipated, highly acclaimed and hugely successful series was always going to be a contentious issue. The already-grim premise inevitably descends into war, which is unflinchingly displayed in a way that is both praiseworthy but might be difficult for readers to get through without feeling ‘My God, it’s all hopeless! Utterly, utterly hopeless!’ However, .

Along for the Ride

Auden is an atypical teenager from a family of high achievers. But, after receiving a letter from her brother who is travelling in Europe, she decides to spend the summer with her dad, his new wife and baby. As she readjusts to her new life, she finds herself thrown into a world of pink bikinis and mysterious biker boys. .


Ben’s iPod has been taken from his bag in the changing rooms. His friends tell him they think Kris took it. He must have – Kris’s dad’s in prison. All week Ben and Kris are urged on by their mates to do something about the other. Things come to a head on Saturday night. A fight begins, but it .

White Crow

Forced to flee her native Greenwich due to a police scandal involving her father, Rebecca Case arrives in the seaside village of Winterfold feeling understandably angry and depressed. — Isolated from family and friends in this strange old place, she seems destined to spend the summer lonely and bored. Until she encounters Ferelith, that is – a fellow outsider, .

Fugitivies! A Story of the Flight of the Earls

After having lost at the Battle of Kinsale, Hugh O’Neill, the great Ulster chieftain, is hounded and hunted in his own land. As he plans his escape from Ireland forever, his young son Con disappears and is in great danger. Pursued by Sir Arthur Chichester’s soldiers, it is up to his cousin, Fion, and friends James/Seamus and Sinead to .

Almost True

In When I Was Joe, Ty discovered the dangers of telling lies: the pain they cause, the difficulty of maintaining them and the strain they cause on all relationships. In this sequel the tables are turned as he finds his family and friends all have their own sets of deceits, deceptions and character flaws – the rug is repeatedly .


Move over vampires, there’s a new craze in town … angels! And not the godly, serene sort either. These are evil, power-hungry angels who survive by feeding off human energy. Once satiated, their human victims are left touched by the presence of the angel but destined to die. Alex is an AK – ‘Angel Killer’ – who wants to .