Captain Underpants

If the Captain happened to have ALL his Underpants in the wash … What would he wear as a replacement?
He used a wooden barrel once, but I think a kilt might be more fashionable.

What was that inspirational moment when Captain Underpants popped intoyour head? (Apple falling from a tree? Underpants drying on a clothesline?)
A teacher of mine used the word ‘underwear’ in class when I was in Year 2. All of my classmates laughed. It was a big moment for me. I began drawing Captain Underpants that very day.

Being top of the banned list – we have this impression that young readers have to take on an Indiana Jones-style quest to reach the Holy Underpants Grail – What devices (like the giant rolling ball) would you place in the way of a worthy adventurer?
Hmmm.., perhaps they would have to crawl through a cave filled with booger stalagmites, swing across a river of molten barf, and avoid the slimy spitballs of doom.

Mr. Krupp regularly has that Roald Dahl ‘Super Villain’ feel about him… In an alternate universe would he STILL remain evil or would some good actually shine through in his character?
Actually, in book #8, the boys DID travel to an alternate universe.  They found Mr Krupp to be very pleasant.

If there was one piece of advice or a message that kids should take from your vast number of books & series? If so what would that message be?
Friendship, laughter and good-heartedness will always triumph over the powers of evil and despair.

If Captain Underpants ever faced up to an IRISH villain – what do you imagine their weapon or evil master plan of choice would be?
I was so charmed by Ireland and the wonderful people I met, it’s hard for me to imagine an Irish villain.

George and Harold spend a lot of time in their tree house, if you could design your own treehouse what would it look like?
Hmmmm.., I’d like a big, comfy hammock for napping, a tiny fridge for snacks, and NO ladders. You’d need to use a trampoline to bounce up into the tree house, and a water slide to get back down.

If Captain Underpants ever got married what would Mrs Underpants look like?
Queen Victoria in Spanx.
What would her super power be?
Some kind of super squeezing, corset-crunching power.

Obviously the entire series started when George and Harold hypnotised Mr Krupp with their hypno ring. What would you do with the power of the ring?
I’d use it to hypnotize all of your readers into thinking I’d come up with a very clever answer to this question.

Books often have a deep meaning. What is this meaning for Captain Underpants? Personally I think it would be to not have a potty mouth!!!!!
My goal with Captain Underpants is to make kids laugh and to give children (and especially reluctant readers) a positive experience with reading at a crucial time in their development (ages 7 to 10). Children in this age group who hate to read are in great danger of becoming functionally illiterate adults. Kids who have fun reading are making a connection in their brains that reading is valuable and rewarding. That very connection is what turns ordinary
kids into lifelong readers.

After reading the new book, Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000, the glow in the dark time-travelling robo squid suit really intrigued me. If you had to design a new and better time-machine what would it look like and what would it run on? Underpants perhaps???
I’d make it small, like a pair of cufflinks or something.  And if it ran on paradoxical conundrums, you’d never lose power.

Personally my favourite bits of your books are the flip-o-rama but how do you draw them and can you give us an example of making

‘Go raibh maith agat’.  They’re pretty simple, actually.  You just need to draw two pictures that are almost exactly the same.  Some parts need to be different, though, and when you flip between the two drawings, everything that is different will appear to be animated.  If you’re interested in seeing this process in action, I’ve made a video that shows how it’s done.