You Can Never Run Out Of Love

This is a simply beautiful book that starts slowly but delivers a bright burner of a message.

The gently rhyming text and zesty illustrations tell all about the things that can be used up, like soap, glue, milk, or good ideas, often due to sharing with friends, pets or parents. Yet in the refrain as in the title, the reader is reminded of the universal and unconditional truth, ‘You can never run out of love.’ Again, this sentiment is underscored by the inclusion of friends, pets and parents in the illustrations. The pictures, rendered in a limited but cheerful colour palette, are full of texture and joyful expression.

No doubt this is a story that will be repeatedly requested and re-readings will be a pleasure for the grown-ups too. This isn’t just a book recommended for reading, it would make a whopper of a gift for all the little ones in your life as well.