Baby’s First Words

Baby’s First Words is a lovely board book that takes you through Baby’s day with both her parents and shows all the words they encounter along the way. From basic nouns such as ‘door’, ‘bicycle’, ‘teddy bear’, ‘owl’ and ‘chair’; including animal sounds, like ‘hoot’, ‘bleat’, and ‘neigh’; onomatopoeias such as ‘brrrrm’, ‘beep’, and ‘Zzzz!’; and expressions children use in their everyday lives like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Uh-oh’ and ‘Again!’ This book is packed with a wide range of vocabulary for little ones.

Perfect for little hands, Baby’s First Words is divided by illustrated tabs that allow easier page turns and also specify each topic for the reader: the bathroom, animals, vehicles, etc… even moods and emotions are covered! 

The illustrations are beautiful, full of interesting details and visual textures, perfect for curious, attentive little eyes; and another great merit of Baby’s First Words is the depiction of Baby’s parents as a same-sex interracial couple, allowing for conversations amongst families and normalizing the multicultural world we live in. And don’t forget to look for Baby’s favourite toy, the Woolly Mammoth, following her along on every page (it sure is a fun game!)