Colour Me: Who’s in the Ocean?

At first glance, this bath book seems like any other, black and white drawings of sea animals with one or two words on each soft page. But take this book into a warm bath and watch it transform before your eyes! In a matter of seconds, the monochrome images become multicoloured pictures of marine creatures swimming in bright blue waters with colourful shells and seaweed drifting beside them. Once the pages are dry the images revert to black and white, so readers can recreate the magic countless times.

The enhancing effect of water on this book is an imaginative and inventive way of combining reading with bath time. The pages themselves are soft and spongey underneath their plastic exterior, making it easy for little hands to grab on and bend at will. The images of the animals are drawn in thick black lines, with their names and associated movements written as if floating around them. There is some detail in the drawings, yet they remain accessible for very young children and allow the book to be enjoyed when either wet or dry.

This book would be ideal for babies or young children who dislike bathing and are nervous of water, as the colour-changing effect provides an exciting distraction, while the sudden vibrancy that water brings to the pictures may encourage more adventurous children to try swimming in the sea!