My Dreams

Xavier Deneux invites the reader on an imaginative night-time journey with a brave child. Follow the small boy as he flies through calm quiet skies, climbs up the spine of a dinosaur and travels over fish-filled seas before returning home again to dream some more. The whimsical words entice the reader to snuggle up and enter the adventure-filled dream. 

Using mainly black and white, with scatterings of red, Deneux creates high contrast images sure to engage even the youngest of readers. The limited colour palette is used to great effect and enhances the night-time adventures. Each page is embellished with shiny silver and glow-in-the-dark surprises which encourage tactile exploration and support hand-eye coordination.

Unfortunately, the glow-in-the-dark elements were unnecessary and distracted from some pages. Each page needs exposing to a bright light for a few minutes before it glows, taking somewhat from the enjoyment of the book.

This beautiful book is lovely for babies and toddlers and would make a perfect gift for a new baby.