School for Dads

Is your dad not performing his daddy duties as well as he should? Is he always late or forgetting things? Then you are not alone. Anna and her friends are having exactly the same problem and they have a plan. Filled with life, movement and colour by Ana Grey’s illustrations, School for Dads tells the engaging story of Anna and her buddies as they send their dads back to school to learn how to be better dads. After a fun-filled and tiring day, both the children and dads are beginning to have a new appreciation of each other.

Whenever I see a book about fathers and daughters or mothers and sons I have to admit to grimacing a little. Many are overdone and twee. I love that School for Dads really captures the hectic life of most families. This isn’t a story about having the perfect father, it is a story about appreciating the dad you have.

The vibrant physicality of the illustrations captures the relief with which the dads throw off the responsibilities of adulthood and enjoy being kids again. This is a great rhyming picturebook for ages 3-6 where the text and illustrations come together to produce some genuinely laugh-out-loud moments. A great new addition from the authors of the much-loved George’s Great Adventures and the illustrator of I Love You Just the Way You Are.