The Halloweeds

If gruesome and scary is what you like to laugh at, then this is the book for you. Cossanteli spares no-one’s sensibilities with her terrifying escapades and grisly exploits, hilariously described in this hair-raising adventure. Flora and fauna take on macabre characteristics as her story takes turn after ghastly turn, each chapter bringing some new unexpected, uproarious horror.

Yet, in the midst of all the entertaining repulsion, lies a deeper story about the importance of family, love, responsibility and the meaning of life. Not necessarily philosophy, but actually what it means to live a typical life and then die. ‘You should be with the people you love while you can. A lifetime is never as long as you think.’

Dan’s parents have gone missing while on an expedition in the jungle looking for a rare beetle. He and his sister, Martha, and the baby called ‘Grub’, are all sent to stay with Great-Aunt Grusilla in the crumbling Daundelyon Hall. All is not as it seems, of course. Everyone seems to be missing a finger, and what exactly is growing in the greenhouse?

Definitely a book to be kept on the shelves and brought out each Hallowe’en.