The Rise and Fall of Claude the Magnificent

It’s a much told tale. A poor artist travels to the big city to find fame and fortune. They find success but it goes to their head. Until of course their pride and arrogance sends them tumbling back to reality with an impressive thud.

But this is a tale told with charm by writer Chris Capstick and some of the most rich and sumptuous illustrations I have seen in a while.

Claude the cat is an artist, he loves to paint, sculpt and create beautiful things. But Paris is full of artists and people are only interested in the famous ones like Pablo Picatto, Ratael and Leonando Dog Vinci. That is until Claude gets inspired with the question ‘Why can’t cats wear hats?’. And so Claude creates hats.

The full-colour illustrations are detailed and rich. Illustrator Monika Filipina creates a Paris that is at once old and rich with life, colour and creativity. It is the type of illustration that will reveal new details on repeat viewings. The writing pulls the reader along at a brisk pace and is peppered with lovely touches of language to add some wit and warmth. Ideal for 6-10 year olds.