Wolfie the Bunny

The Bunny family have decided it’s time to expand their brood and to do so have adopted a son, a son who turns out to be a wolf! Their eldest daughter, Dot, remains steadfastly unconvinced by her new sibling, as she becomes increasingly concerned that her darling brother is almost certainly set on eating her and her entire family.  As their complicated relationship unfurls, Dot and Wolfie happen upon a situation where Wolfie finds himself in mortal peril and Dot is forced to stand up for her brother. This heroic move and show of bravery in a time of need is enough to cement the pair’s relationship. A story which gently highlights that differences shouldn’t always blind us and that sometimes a simple act of love and friendship can change perceptions and open up a whole world of fun.  This is a story told with exquisite insight into the trials and tribulations of sibling relationships and the delightfully bold illustrations throughout convey perfectly the expression and frustration Dot feels. A highly enjoyable read on many levels, and one that will strike a chord with many.