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KidsBooksIrel @KidsBooksIrel
Childrens Books Irel  @KidsBooksIrel
RT @MelvinBurgess:Now that I have an Irish passport, I’m hoping for HOARDS to turn up for this one. My first Irish appearance as an I… https://t.co/Rbgwx88lGK 
Childrens Books Irel  @KidsBooksIrel
@WritersWeek Hurrah! Looking forward to seeing you ladies! 
Childrens Books Irel  @KidsBooksIrel
RT @Hodges_Figgis:@CultureNight from 5pm tonight. Don't forget, in addition to our author/illustrators Peter Brown and Lydia Monks te… https://t.co/FZeU4l50jG 


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