Alice Melvin

Book Cover - I Am: A Book About Feelings

I Am: A Book About Feelings

Picturebooks can be a wonderful tool for helping little people put into words the emotions they’re experiencing. In Alice Melvin’s latest board book for very young children, this is exactly what is achieved. From the ‘excitement’ of the opening page to the ‘tiredness’ at the last, the range of emotions explored is characteristic of almost every toddler who will share this book with their parents or carers.

Book Cover - Treasure Hunt: A Keepsake Activity Book

Treasure Hunt: A Keepsake Activity Book

Treasure Hunt by Alice Melvin is a unique idea for those who enjoy collecting the odd and wonderful objects that can be found in the world around us. It is an activity book that provides a place or ideas for things to make with the tiny treasures that we find on our everyday travels.

Book Cover - My Day

My Day

My Day by Alice Melvin traces a day in the life of a family through the routine of its youngest member, who sees each activity as an opportunity for fun. Each double-page spread explores the toddler’s day from waking and dressing to sleeping, and all the other daily activities in between.