Barry Falls

Author Headshot - Barry Falls


Barry Falls is an illustrator, living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He graduated from Ulster University in 2005 and works for a range of clients in publishing, design and advertising. His clients include The New York Times, Orange, Unicef, NSPCC and The Guardian. He has won multiple awards and lectures in illustration at Ulster University.

Book Cover - It’s Your World Now!

It’s Your World Now!

It’s Your World Now! is the début picturebook from Barry Falls, a well-known Belfast illustrator. Written entirely in rhyming text, this picturebook is a gorgeous celebration of individual potential and possibilities.

Book Cover - Alone!


Billy McGill lives all alone on the top of a hill. He likes it that way. Away from the noise and the rush of the city below, his splendid aloneness is without a sound until ... a horrible scratching and squeaking disturbs him. A mouse! So, Billy gets a cat to chase the mouse away. When that doesn’t work, he gets a dog. Then a bear, then a tiger ... with a terrible cold. Before too long, Billy’s peaceful house is filled with noise and CHAOS!