Emma Chichester Clark

Book Cover - Polly Pecorino

Polly Pecorino

In this beautifully crafted story, we meet a brave and kind girl, Polly Pecorino, who is a constant rescuer of small animals. She lives in a small town called Abbeville and goes about her daily life in the usual way. Though Polly is depicted as an ordinary schoolgirl, there is something unusual about this extraordinary girl – she can talk to animals – and only her Uncle Stan and parents know about her gift. And so, the story unfolds.

Book Cover - The Rescue of Bunny Wunny

The Rescue of Bunny Wunny

Ever since she was born, Imelda has clung unto her favourite toy: Bunny Wunny. But the love she gives her “precious toy” is a tough one and for better or for worse – mostly worse in this case ­– the poor stuffed rabbit follows wherever she goes. Until one day, Bunny Wunny has had enough and decides to hide and run away from the spoiled little girl that is his owner. When Imelda decides to replace Bunny Wunny by a real rabbit, things take a bigger-than-life and unexpected turn. This rabbit ain’t scared of no little girl and is about to teach Imelda a lesson!