Ross Collins

We Disagree About This Tree - book cover

We Disagree About This Tree

Bear and Mouse are back and living harmoniously together at Christmas time. But what happens when they have a difference of opinion about how to decorate their Christmas tree? Mouse likes baubles, tinsel and unusual tree-toppers, and Bear likes dazzling lights, candles and unique tree placement – will they ever manage to agree?

Book Cover - This Zoo is Not for You

This Zoo is Not for You

Platypus comes into the zoo just when the animals are running interviews. Will he be accepted in? Panda is not impressed by the platypus’s lack of popularity, the flamingos claim he is not graceful; the monkeys believe he cannot do any tricks; the chameleons find him hitting only a one-colour note, and elephant finally declares he’s short and weird. Platypus remains silent through his visit, while all zoo animals constantly tell him ‘This Zoo is not for you.’ Then he gets fed up but accidentally leaves a note behind… will the animals find out the true reason why Platypus was there?

Book Cover - This is a Dog

This is a Dog

This is a Dog is yet another very funny picturebook by the creator of There’s a Bear on my Chair and This Zoo is Not for You, Ross Collins. Its main character is inspired by Collins’s own pooch, Hugo, and just like him, Dog wants to be the centre of attention. He’s so intent in doing so that he cleverly tries to take over all the pages of a book entitled “My First Animal book”. The short sentences may lead you to think this is, in fact, an animal book, but you’ll discover soon enough what the book is really about.