Tom Percival

Book cover - The River

The River

With the global pandemic initiating discussions about adult mental health, Percival draws attention to the growing need to focus on children’s mental health. Children feel a sea of emotion which can often go undetected. Rowan realises that the river was just like him; it could be light and playful, wild and angry, and even slow and sad.

Book Cover - Ravi's Roar

Ravi’s Roar

Ravi is the smallest one in the whole family – even the dog is bigger than him! And being little means that he keeps missing out on things and it begins to make him mad. He gets so angry that he transforms into a tiger and roars! Being a tiger is a lot of fun, but he turns rude and selfish, and no one wants to play with him anymore. The magic words ‘I’m sorry’ transform him into a boy once more.

Book Cover - Meesha Makes Friends

Meesha Makes Friends

Meesha is a warm, inventive little girl who loves to make drawings and music. The one thing she can’t seem to make is friends and, no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t seem to get it right. Eventually, she begins to wonder if she will ever be able to make friends.