Yuval Zommer

Book Cover - The Wild

The Wild

‘Once upon a time, somewhere not far away, was The Wild …’ is how this modern fairytale starts. In this picture book, the ‘Wild’, a leafy and magnificent creature is a symbol for our planet, Earth. As the pages unfold, the reader follows the changing relationship between mankind and the Wild, starting with mutual respect and harmony to, as time goes by, disregard and decay.

Book Cover - The Big Book of Beasts

The Big Book of Beasts

Zommer’s book is a treasure-trove of beastly facts. Have you ever wondered why wolves howl at the moon or why tigers have stripes? This book will give you all the answers. Not only are the illustrations detailed, showing such things as animal footprints and fur patterns, but they are also incredibly expressive, imaginatively showing the animals’ attitudes.