Alice Taylor

Photo - Alice Taylor

Alice Taylor lives in the village of Innishannon in County Cork, in a house attached to the local supermarket and post office. Her first book, To School Through the Fields, was published in 1988. It was an immediate success and quickly became the biggest selling book ever published in Ireland.

Alice has written nearly twenty books since then, largely exploring her beloved village and the ways of life in rural Ireland. She has also written poetry and fiction: her first novel, The Woman of the House, was an immediate bestseller. Most recently, she wrote a children's picture book with her daughter Lena Angland, called Ellie and the Fairy Door.

Book Cover - Ellie and the Fairy Door

Ellie and the Fairy Door

After losing her very first tooth, Ellie places it beneath her pillow. But that night, Ellie soon finds a real fairy door in her bedroom, and meets Sean the leprechaun, who has had his crock of gold stolen. Ellie is suddenly shrunken down and whooshed into fairyland, where she finds Tooth Fairy Willow and her magical house. The trio embark on an adventure to recover the crock of gold from the thieving magpie, and it is only with Ellie’s help and kindness that the gold can be retrieved.