Angie Thomas

Book Cover - The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give

Angie Thomas’s début novel is warm, empathic and timely. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this is the story of a young woman coming of age in two worlds, the warm yet troubled community she was raised in and that of the largely white private school she attends. When she witnesses her unarmed friend Khalil shot and killed by a police officer, Starr finds herself at a crossroads. Should she remain silent and keep safe as tensions escalate? Or should she speak out against racism and police corruption?

Book Cover - Blackout


This book was written as a collaboration between six powerful and important voices in YA fiction, offering an authentic and relatable romance told through a series of interconnected short stories. Set in New York City, each narrative provides a glimpse into the lives of thirteen individual teenagers. ‘The Long Walk’ sets readers off on the first escapade, with every word a step towards the next block, the next story.

Book Cover - On The Come Up

On The Come Up

On the Come Up is the brilliant new novel by author Angie Thomas. It is set in the same neighbourhood as her previous novel, The Hate U Give, and following the riots that resulted after the shooting of an unarmed teenage boy. The main character refers to these incidents in the book, but it is not necessary to have read The Hate U Give before you read On the Come Up.