Candy Gourlay

Cover - Wild Song

Wild Song

Set against the backdrop of the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, readers follow the journey of Luki, an indigenous girl from the Philippines. We begin with Luki’s sheltered tribal life in the mountains, before following her journey to America (with hundreds of other natives) to attend the St. Louis World’s Fair.

Book Cover - Is It A Mermaid?

Is It A Mermaid?

Benji and Bel are on the beach when they spot a strange creature. It is a rare dugong; a sea cow! The dugong thinks they’re just being silly. She has a mermaids’ tail and sings a mermaids’ song. Can’t they see she’s a mermaid? The more she tries to prove her point, the more Benji insists she is a mermaid. This hurts her feelings, but it’s okay. Mermaids are very sensitive, but they are also very forgiving and soon the children and the dugong play happily together until it’s time for her to go back to sea. But there is one more surprise in store. Could the dugong be a mermaid after all?