Catherine Fisher

Book Cover: The Red Gloves and Other Stories

The Red Gloves and Other Stories

The Red Gloves and Other Stories is a spooky and atmospheric collection of short stories inspired by a variety of Welsh myths and folktales. From a menacing pair of red gloves that have a mind of their own, to a mysterious snow-white hare that arrives in the night with much more to it than meets the eye, this collection has it all!

Book Cover - The Midnight Swan

The Midnight Swan

When Seren is led to the discovery of the mysteriously inscribed Midnight Swan treasure box down a disappearing alleyway during the town’s annual fair, she wonders whether the secret it purports to contain will prove the remedy to the ills of her friend the Clockwork Crow and help him achieve his human shape again. But Crow, in his inimitably cocksure way, smells darkness around the box, and Seren soon has more than one problem on her mind, as she fears that secret undercurrents in her adoptive home might bode ill for her own future.