Corrinne Averiss

Book Cover - A Song in the Mist

A Song in the Mist

A tender and calming tale of overcoming inhibitions and learning to trust people as well as yourself. When unexpected music on the breeze breaks the stillness and piques Chi’s curiosity, she finds herself being led in a positive direction. A Song in the Mist is a true masterpiece and unforgettable in its potent simplicity.

Book Cover - Love


Tess lives in a safe world full of love. Whether she’s at home with her parents, brother and dog, or visiting her grandparents, there is always love there, keeping her ‘warm, like a scarf’. Starting school is the first time she’ll be really on her own, but Mummy reassures her: ‘Love is like a string between us – it can stretch as far as it needs to.’

Book Cover - The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home is a simple story of intergenerational relationships, adventure and taking note of the little things. Otto and his grandma have decided to trek across the savannah to Lion Mountain for a bit of exploring. Otto, our young elephant hero, is a natural explorer; he takes after his grandma, Nanu, who is fearless and always up for taking Otto with her on expeditions. They start their journey very early in the day, armed with a backpack full of supplies, and as they travel they pass different landmarks and friends along the way.

Book Cover - Joy


A little girl called Fern grows concerned after noticing that her beloved Nanna has stopped smiling. What could be the matter? Fern’s mum explains that the ‘whoosh’ of joy has gone out of Nanna’s life. Fern sets off to capture this elusive whoosh and cheer her Nanna back up.

Fern’s search for joy is beautifully captured through childlike language and cadence as she grasps at joy in a puppy’s bounce, a baby’s chuckle and the sun’s sparkle.