David Almond

Book Cover - Skellig


‘We caught our breath at our ability to do this thing, at the extraordinary lightness of our load. I closed my eyes for a moment. I imagined that this is a dream. I told myself that anything was possible in a dream.’

When Michael moves to an old house with an over-grown garden and a dilapidated garage, he makes a shocking a discovery. At first, he can’t believe his eyes, but soon his encounter with an incredible soul develops into a profound bond. With the help of his new neighbour, Mina, they join forces and a remarkable and moving adventure begins.

Book Cover - The Colour of the Sun

The Colour of the Sun

It’s the middle of the summer holidays and a boy named Jimmy Killen has been killed. Davie believes he knows who is responsible – another boy named Zorro Craig, whose family has a well-established feud with the Killens.

Book Cover - Brand New Boy

Brand New Boy

The students at the Darwin Avenue Primary Academy are excited to welcome the brand-new boy, George, in Mr Sage’s class. George, however, appears to be a tad different – he has a strange look in his eyes and always has adults watching over him. Particularly Miss Crystal, who is constantly observing and making notes. Why is Miss Crystal spying on him? Maxie likes to believe that all kids are aliens – is George one of them?

Book Cover - The Tale of Angelino Brown

The Tale of Angelino Brown

The Tale of Angelino Brown strikes an intriguing balance between the familiar and comforting day-to-day and the suggestion of something magical.

The eponymous angel protagonist appears quite suddenly in the pocket of bus driver Bert, who is feeling a little worn down by his years of service. The narrative deliberately makes this miraculous appearance both an oddity and yet also, something to embrace and take in one’s stride, which is what Bert and his wife Betty do.