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Children's Books Ireland Summer Intern 2019, and Masters student of Children's Literature at Trinity College Dublin.

The Lit Are Coming To CBI’s Conference!

Waterford’s The Lit and their young writers, are coming to Children’s Books Ireland’s Festival Belonging this September to share their work with us. An annual festival, now on their third year, dedicated to providing new voices a place to share their love of reading and writing, The Lit is a fantastic event. Started by a group of 14-19 year .

Frances Hardinge Is Coming to CBI’s Conference and We Can’t Wait!

Frances Hardinge, the award-winning author of The Lie Tree and Cuckoo Song, is coming to Children’s Books Ireland’s conference, Belonging, this September. Frances has a talent for creating unique worlds, and spinning complex tales that twist and turn in unpredictable ways. In her own words, “I like to play with readers’ expectations and assumptions about characters, about plot, about .

Jarvis Is Speaking At CBI’s Conference, We Are Thrilled!

Jarvis, the award-winning creator of Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth, is coming to Children’s Books Ireland’s conference, Belonging, this September. Jarvis has shown himself to be an immensely talented illustrator and author, dedicated to creating bizarre and fun stories that are perfect for getting young children engaged with reading. From Alan’s Big, Scary Teeth (for which he won 2017 V&A .

There’s A Coven Of YA Witches Coming To CBI’s Conference This Year, And It’s Sure To Be Spellbinding!

Children’s Books Ireland can’t wait for our Coven of YA witches Panel at our conference, Belonging, this September. Deirdre Sullivan, Sarah Maria Griffin, and Moïra Fowley-Doyle will be joined in conversation by Mairi Kidd to share their thoughts on feminist novels, rooted in witch craft and Irish history, and why they seem more potent than ever. Deirdre Sullivan is .

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