Ele Fountain

Book Cover - Wild


Since Jack’s dad died, he has been feeling lost. His mum, an environmental anthropologist, is rarely home and when she is, all she wants to do is have ‘serious chats’. To quench the heavy feeling that has been following him, Jack looks for danger and excitement by getting involved with a gang of boys that want to cause trouble. But suddenly, Jack’s mum suggests a trip abroad together and he finds himself in the depths of the rainforest, dealing with dangers far worse than the ones at home.

Book Cover - Fake


Ele Fountain is an award-winning children’s author, and her latest novel does not disappoint. At fourteen years old, Jess is going to school for the first time to meet friends that, up to this point, she’s only known in the virtual space that dominates society.

Cover - Boy 87

Boy 87

Fourteen-year-old Shif loves maths and beating his best friend Bini at chess. He’s a year ahead at school and plans to study engineering at university, after completing two years of compulsory military service. However, the course of Shif’s life is irrevocably altered one night when he and Bini are abducted from their homes by armed soldiers.