Elizabeth Wein

Book Cover - The Pearl Thief

The Pearl Thief

The Pearl Thief takes the reader on a thrilling adventure, rich in culture, identity and love. Set in the summer of 1938, the Scottish murder-mystery immediately grabs the attention of the reader. Julie’s final summer in Strathfearn house is sure to be a memorable one. However, an unlikely chain of events, beginning with a vicious riverside attack, changes not only the course of the summer, but also the course of many interwoven lives, in a truly unpredictable way.

Book Cover - Firebird


Firebird, by Elizabeth Wein, is an excellent crossover book for children looking to sink their teeth into something a little more involved than what they might be used to. Those with a knack for history are sure to find plenty to love about this gripping World War II novel. Nastia is a prodigy fighter pilot in the Soviet Union. With the Third Reich knocking on Stalin’s doorstep, she finds herself leaving friends and family behind in order to fight for her country.

Book Cover - The Last Hawk

The Last Hawk

This book offers a fascinating insight into World War II from a German youth’s perspective. Ingrid Hartman is our protagonist, a gifted glider pilot with a stutter that she must keep secret, for her own safety. This results in her remaining quiet around others. Her mother has passed away six months prior to the beginning of the story while her father acts as the district administrator for education.