Frances Hardinge

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It feels wrong to play favourites, but of all the many skills Frances Hardinge displays in each of her novels, world-building ranks very high indeed in this reviewer’s list. From underground cities to gods-infested islands, Hardinge’s settings always come with wonderful depth and detail, making them much more than just a background to a character’s progression.

Book Cover - Deeplight


A mystical, mythical story about story. A tale of a young man repositioning himself, becoming the narrator of his life story. A masterclass in the art and craft of the storyteller. An unflinching consideration of everyday horrors and truth. Deeplight is many things, and all of them are true.

Book Cover - A Skinful of Shadows

A Skinful of Shadows

On the eve of the English Civil War, twelve-year-old Makepeace has an unusual problem. Not only do ghosts exist, they’re also scared, and her mind is one of the few places open for them to hide. This unfortunate aspect will lead her down the road of tragedy, witch hunts and powerful families and straight into the heart of a warring nation.