Jenny McLachlan

Book Cover - Stargazing for Beginners

Stargazing for Beginners

Stargazing for Beginners is the fifth novel by teen fiction author Jenny McLachlan. In her latest work 15-year-old space enthusiast Meg likes her life ordered, in contrast to her free-spirited mother Alice. Things take a chaotic turn when Alice decides to unexpectedly hop a plane to Myanmar on one of her ‘save the world’ missions, leaving Meg for ten days to fend for herself while taking care of her infant sister Elsa.

Book Cover - Truly Wildly Deeply

Truly Wildly Deeply

Truly, Wildly, Deeply is told with wit and warmth. McLachlan provides a narrative that is part school story, part romance, part coming-of-age tale, weaving genres to tell all aspects of Annie’s story. Annie is a girl beginning at a new college; she loves English, is a vegetarian and also has cerebral palsy. Determined to assert her independence, Annie is starting afresh, and she is delighted to discover that new opportunities await in her new space, including friendship and maybe even romance.