Jo Simmons

The Day My Family Disappeared - book cover

The Day My Family Disappeared

From Jo Simmons, the bestselling author of I Swapped My Brother on the Internet, comes The Day My Family Disappeared. Bob Bunyon is an incredibly normal boy surrounded by a family full of artists and performers. Bob’s siblings taunt him for not being creative like them. Desperate for a break from his families’ constant showcasing, he wishes that they would all just go away. Much to Bob’s surprise, when he wakes the next morning, the house is completely empty.

Book Cover - The Dodo Made Me Do It

The Dodo Made Me Do It

Danny is not looking forward to yet another boring summer. As much as he loves his gran, nothing ever happens in the small Scottish village of Kisoussie where she lives. He dreams of having adventures like his comic book hero Zac Hanaway, but instead he will be stuck in the middle of nowhere with only one other person his age, the very smart and bookish Susie.