Kes Gray

Book Cover - The Hoys

The Hoys

This is a fun, phrenetic jaunt through piratical phonetics that all rests on one clear and hilarious misunderstanding: what is a ‘hoy’?

Book Cover - Think Big!

Think Big!

Humpty Dumpty has a bit of a dilemma: he wants to be a boiled egg when he grows up, but his friends think this is an utterly ridiculous idea. Jack Be Nimble and Little Miss Muffet and even the Incey Wincey Spider offer alternative, more sensible career options. Why not an artist? A detective? A famous musician? Or even a crazy hairdresser? They encourage their nursery rhyme friend to aim for the stars, to think outside the box and to not be afraid to break out of his shell. So Humpty reconsiders his options…

Book Cover - Oi Dog!

Oi Dog!

The frog returns! Kes and Claire Grey’s irreverent frog is back in another delightful episode. As in their previous books, the focus of the story is on where each animal should sit based on rules made by the dog and the cat: ‘Dogs sit on frogs’, ‘Mules sit on stools’. But this time the frog takes matters into his own hands, changing the ‘rules’ with hilarious rhyming results. Now ‘Dogs sit on logs,’ ‘Cats sit on gnats’ and ‘Crabs will sit on kebabs’. But where will the frog sit? His solution is a surprise to everyone, including the bossy cat and dog.