Lucy Rowland

Book cover - This Tree Is Just For Me

This Tree Is Just For Me

This Tree is Just for Me is a beautifully told story about a young child seeking peace and quiet in a tree in his back garden to settle down with his book. At first, he wants to be alone with his book, so as many animals from snakes to monkeys look to share his company, he tells them ‘this tree is just for me.’


A Hero Called Wolf

Every librarian will love this book. Not only is this book about a wolf who loves books and his library, it also rhymes and flows perfectly for reading out loud to young children. It is a good story made for reading to groups and has a positive message. Children will share Wolf’s realisation and his disappointment that he doesn’t fit nor like the traditional fearsome wolf image. Why can’t he be like the heroes that he admires so much?

Book Cover - Daddy's Rainbow

Daddy's Rainbow

Erin’s daddy sees colour in everything. Even on wet and dreary days, he insists they pull on their wellies and raincoats and face the downpour with delight because, as he always says, ‘We can’t see rainbows without rain!’ But things begin to change and the colours fade to grey when Daddy gets sick, and Erin and her family are left alone, missing his laugh, cuddles and magic.

Book Cover - Little Red Reading Hood

Little Red Reading Hood

This contemporary narrative of a classic fairy tale favourite not only gives a new look to the story. It turns it on its head and encourages the reader’s right to enter the tale and make it their own.