Meg Grehan

Author Headshot - Meg Grehan


Meg Grehan is a young writer originally from County Louth but now hiding away in Donegal in the northwest of Ireland, with a very ginger girlfriend, an even more ginger dog and an undisclosed number of cats (none of whom is ginger). She has written for online newspapers and journals such as The Arcade. In 2018 she won the Eilís Dillon award from Children’s Books Ireland for her first novel, The Space Between. She is currently studying Film and likes cake and rain; dislikes going outside.

Book Cover - Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth

Immy is haunted by all the lives she has lived; they clamour in the back of her mind, crying out for attention, crying for the person she was a hundred, maybe a thousand years ago. But Immy is trying to live in the here and now, and she’s falling in love. She has been in love before, of course, but never like this.

Book Cover - The Deepest Breath

The Deepest Breath

The Deepest Breath, the latest novel by award-winning Irish author Meg Grehan, is a beautiful, sensitive verse novel whose flowing narrative will carry you along with its eleven-year-old protagonist Stevie on her journey of self-discovery.

Book Cover - The Space Between

The Space Between

It’s New Year’s Eve and Beth has had enough: she decides to be a recluse. She builds a controlled world within her house of routine, books and silence. For months she is alone with her thoughts, until a dog appears, and then its beautiful owner, Alice. Beth’s space and plans for solitude change.