Nic Stone

Book Cover - Clean Getaway

Clean Getaway

A rip-roaring story overflowing with heart, Nic Stone’s debut middle-grade novel uses a traditional road trip narrative as a vehicle to explore complicated ideas about race and colourism in America.

The story begins when William (a.k.a Scoob) embarks on an intergenerational adventure during Spring Break with his G’ma in her newly acquired R.V. Scoob’s initial relief at escaping his dad’s punishment after an incident at school sours over time as his G’ma begins to act strangely and dodges his questions about where they’re going and the purpose of the trip.

Book Cover - Blackout


This book was written as a collaboration between six powerful and important voices in YA fiction, offering an authentic and relatable romance told through a series of interconnected short stories. Set in New York City, each narrative provides a glimpse into the lives of thirteen individual teenagers. ‘The Long Walk’ sets readers off on the first escapade, with every word a step towards the next block, the next story.