And The Nation’s All-Time Favourite is:

*This post is dated February 6th, 2012*   Voters across Ireland have chosen John Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas as their all-time favourite of the 21 books which have won the annual Bisto Children’s Book of the Year Award since the awards began in 1990! The Bisto Ballot was launched in March 2011 to mark the 21st anniversary .

YA Readers

*This post is dated December 8th, 2011* Channel 4 News ran a nice piece last night about YA book sales and reading trends. Research suggests that UK sales of YA fiction have doubled in the past 5 years, at a time where sales of printed books in general are on the decline.

Cool Video with Books!

*This post is dated January 12th, 2012* To keep you amused on this mild Tuesday morning, here is a cute video with MOVING BOOKS! Nearly as good as David Maybury’s Christmas Tree! If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it!

Garrett Carr’s CBF Experience!

*This post is dated October 27th, 2011*     For the Children’s Book Festival I met school groups in libraries around Co. Meath. A thing I love about meeting young readers is the surprising angles they take on my work. Often a boy or girl will have paid extraordinarily close attention to a minor character or a fleeting detail. 

Online Update

There’s currently lots of fun stuff to read online about some of the various projects CBI is involved with. Why not grab a cup of tea and jump in?

Dublin Book Festival for Families

The Dublin Book Festival’s children’s programme will run from 15 – 16 November 2014 in and around Smock Alley Theatre, Temple Bar, The Gutter Bookshop and The Fighting Words Centre. The Dublin Book Festival has something for everyone and all events are free, making for a fun, affordable day out for all age groups.

CBI Competitions – Don’t Forget

Don’t forget to enter CBI’s competitions are closing soon! The Stories are for Everyone poster competition and The O’Brien Press Design a Cover competition and nearly finished, don’t forget to get your entries in the post!

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