Keelin Murray


Keelin is a confirmed book worm – sometimes to be found reading while walking down the street!

Having completed a PhD in linguistics, she moved back to Ireland from Scotland in 2016. Keelin then decided that a career in the arts was for her, and has worked with Dublin Book Festival, Mountains to Sea festival, and of course Children’s Books Ireland, among others. She now works as communications consultant with Create, the national development agency for the collaborative arts.

Childhood Classic

My favourite book as a child was the Witches by Roald Dahl – it was the perfect combination of scary and comforting. Roald Dahl never speaks down to children, instead trusting that they can handle difficult topics like death and fear and sorrow. Luke’s relationship with his granny Helga is so beautiful, and in between the madness and scariness of the witches’ plot, here are some lovely touching moments between two grieving family members.

Top Five Favourite Children’s Books:

The President’s Glasses by Peter Donnelly
The Space Between by Meg Grehan
The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan
Raymie Nightingale by Katie DiCamillo
Mary’s Hair by Eoin Colfer


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