CBI are thrilled to have Celia Rees speaking at our Conference!

Celia Rees, the critically acclaimed author of seventeen young adult novels, is coming to this year’s Children’s Books Ireland’s Conference, ‘Belonging’.

Rees may have not started out as a writer, spending several years working as an English teacher at Coventry secondary schools, but once she found her passion for storytelling there was no stopping her. Beginning with her first novel Every Step You Take, published in 1993, Rees has written books for a teen market, that in her own words, “were exciting and challenging – like adult books in style, sensibility and complexity – but always with teenagers at the centre of them.”

Since then, Rees has made a name for herself, most notably with her novel Witch Child, the story of a young woman trying to survive in the New World during the witch trials of the 1600s. A compelling story that would go on to become a best seller and be shortlisted for the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award.

Most recently, Rees has continued her trend of writing complex novels that challenge her readers, is her novel Glass Town Wars, which combines science fiction with the world of Emily Bronte to craft a thrilling story, that respects the intelligence of its readers.

Sure to be a riveting speaker, we are excited to have her voice contributing to this conference, utilising her years of experience to provide some real insight into the world of young adult fiction.

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