CBI at Pride & New LGBTQ+ Reading List

Children’s Books Ireland are thrilled to be taking part in Pride Month this year, and to be promoting diversity and acceptance in children’s literature. We look forward to seeing lots of young readers and their families at Pride Village 2019, at Merrion Square in Dublin, where we will be running our Children’s Books Ireland Book Clinic from 14:15 to 17:15, on Saturday the 29th of June.

In particular, we look forward to launching our brand new LGBTQ+ Reading List, which showcases a carefully selected collection of books for very young readers to young adults which tell the stories of individuals who are often sidelined and silenced. For this reading list we have selected titles that focus on LGBTQ+ issues and characters. Happily, in publishing for children and young people we are seeing more and more inclusive titles. There are many other books not included on this list with characters who identify as LGBTQ+ and whose sexuality or gender is not the focal point of the story; these, too, are essential reads in the canon of children’s literature and could constitute a list of their own. The CBI Book Doctor will be on hand to recommend all of these titles and more.

At Children’s Books Ireland, we believe that every child deserves to read books that speak to them at an individual level. This is why our CBI Book Clinics allow children to speak for themselves, and express their own interests and passions so that our Book Doctors can help them find the right book for them. This new list is a direct result of this belief, and of Children’s Books Ireland’s dedication to making sure that all children know there is a brilliant book out there that’s perfect for them.