Children’s Books Ireland needs your vote to bring the joy of reading to schools in need

Children’s Books Ireland is delighted to be the only Irish charity shortlisted for Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good, offering ten organisations the opportunity to be awarded £50,000 for great causes. This would allow us to gift books and facilitate author visits to schools all over Ireland over a three-year period, ensuring that children in disadvantaged schools have equal access to the joy of reading and the benefits that reading can bring.

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The successful charities will ultimately be chosen by a judging panel, but your support means a lot to us and helps inform their decision.

Research shows that reading drops off substantially between the ages of 9 and 13 so this is a crucial time to work with children on developing and maintaining a love of reading. Being awarded this fund would enable Children’s Books Ireland to focus on children in senior classes of primary school. The fund would enable us to gift shortlisted books from the Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year Awards and bring authors and illustrators into 20 additional schools per year for three years across Northern Ireland and the Republic.

The Shadowing Scheme is a unique programme that encourages children to read widely and have their voices heard by voting in the Children’s Choice Award. Research shows that children who read for pleasure tend to be more absorbed in school, have better academic skills and improved wellbeing. Expanding the scheme would provide children with shortlisted books, specially designed activity packs and author/illustrator visits, enabling more children to discover the joy of reading and all its benefits.

Increasing the number of children participating over the next three years will help develop longer-term engagement and enjoyment in reading for pleasure as well as developing skills such as debating, critical thinking and visual literacy. Reading enables every child to reach their potential, with research showing that readers have improved mental well-being, better literacy and numeracy skills and a higher likelihood of success at school and beyond. Reading can offer children their first opportunity to see the outside world and the diverse society they live in.

The Ecclesiastical Movement for Good works to give back to the communities they operate in and championing the issues that really matter to them – working together to build a movement for good.

Elaina Ryan, CEO of Children’s Books Ireland said ‘Winning this fund would enable Children’s Books Ireland to continue on our mission to make books central to every child’s life, and could have a profound, positive impact on the lives of thousands of children all over Ireland.’