Children’s Books Ireland Rebrand



The team at Children’s Books Ireland has been working on a rebrand for some months now with our wonderful designer, Fintan Wall. Over twenty-two years, the logo has evolved a little. We have played with the branding on projects like the Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year Awards, and we have other, secondary logos for our Book Clinics and for other projects like Bookseed, a book-gifting project for babies in Limerick.

Today, we are excited to reveal our new branding. This little door represents so many things that are key to Children’s Books Ireland’s vision of an Ireland in which books are part of every child’s life. It could be the door to a library – one of our marvellous public libraries or one of the new spaces being carved out by schools which have received books through our various book-gifting programmes. The light shines out enticingly – the possibilities inside a book are endless, as we know, and our role is to invite new readers in, and find new doors for those who are already willing to step through. The open door represents access for all: every child should have a chance to know the joy of reading regardless of their circumstances – to have the escape of an utterly immersive experience in someone else’s world, to see themselves reflected in a book or learn empathy by reading about a life that is completely different to their own. And of course what’s not shown in the image is all of us, outside of and around the book, the ecosystem that allows the book to exist, our community of writers, illustrators, publishers, booksellers, librarians, teachers, parents and all of our Children’s Books Ireland members and supporters, without whom we could not exist.

Over the past three years, our staff has grown, we have grown some of the projects that are most effective at reaching readers and the organisation has changed in many ways to respond to external changes and challenges, as well as many new opportunities. We’re getting ready to launch our friends scheme this Autumn, and we’ll be asking for support so that we can do more of what we do and put more books in the hands of young readers. As we work on our strategic plan for the next three years, it feels fitting to refresh the look and feel of Children’s Books Ireland – not CBI, you’ll note; while the shorthand has existed for some two decades among our supporters, we have work to do on raising our brand awareness, and that starts with our name being clear for those who don’t already know us. So please, do us a favour, tell a friend about us today – invite them to our conference, bring them along to Culture Night, point them to our Rainbow Reading List or let them know that the new Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Reads (another name change, same great content) is coming on 20 September. We look forward to opening doors to reading together.