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Providing artists with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently perform inclusive events

Events for All aims to provide authors, illustrators, poets and storytellers with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently perform events in school, library and festival environments that are inclusive for all children and young people. It is hoped this will in turn encourage and enable all literary, arts and children’s festivals to programme events for children with Autism.

The proposed outcomes of the Events for All project include:

A panel of recommended authors, illustrators, poets and storytellers that have undertaken the necessary training. This list will be made available to festival and event programmers and will added to the Writers-in-Schools database as a searchable field.

A guide for festivals, programmers, libraries and schools detailing best practice for running an Autism friendly event.

A commitment that all festivals with a literary children’s strand would programme at least one event for children with Autism by 2020.

To date 20 practicing artists and several festival and venue programmers have received Events for All training, in partnership with AsIAm.


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