Frances Hardinge Is Coming to CBI’s Conference and We Can’t Wait!

Frances Hardinge, the award-winning author of The Lie Tree and Cuckoo Song, is coming to Children’s Books Ireland’s conference, Belonging, this September.

Frances has a talent for creating unique worlds, and spinning complex tales that twist and turn in unpredictable ways. In her own words, “I like to play with readers’ expectations and assumptions about characters, about plot, about what’s going on. There are always surprises.”

A trend that she continues in her most recently realised novel, A Skinful of Shadows, which mixes fantasy with political unrest in 17th Century England. And we are sure her new book Deeplight, coming out at the end of October this year, will maintain the high quality and compelling nature we expect of her work, and we can’t wait to read it.

With every new story she tells, Frances proves herself a formidable and skilled storyteller, who is set on challenging her readers. Furthermore, “always fascinated and horrified by people’s ability to demonise each other, and to see each other as other than human, less than human” Frances has made a point of addressing issues of prejudice and demonization in her work in an accessible and nuanced way.

With her years of experience and her distinctive style, Frances is sure to have some interesting things to say this September. Make sure you’re in the audience to hear what is sure to be fascinating talk.


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