The Littlest Elephant

Read’s The Littlest Elephant tells us the story of Ellie, the littlest elephant in her herd. Ellie has recently learned to swim and is eager to show off her new skills. On her way to the pool, her excitement takes over her senses and wreaks a little bit of havoc and is only brought to full awareness of her surroundings again just before a very bad potential accident!

Read lures the reader in from the very first page with her stand-out, unique illustrations. The colour palette and the way the characters and backgrounds intermingle with the pencil and brush strokes brings a dreamlike quality to the page. We become mindful of the more unusual colours and strokes in a gentle way which instils in the reader a sensation of calm which lends itself to the overall theme of the story.

The Littlest Elephant tells us a story of the importance of pausing and being mindful, even when in the ecstatic grips of the excitement! Pausing to listen to your surroundings and take in the words of those who wish to offer you advice can be just as important as the thrill you are chasing. It teaches children (and adults!) how important it is to stop and to notice and that when you do so, you improve your own enjoyment and the enjoyment of those around you. A very important lesson, indeed.

Book cover - The Littlest Elephant
Publication Date
March 2022