What’s Scarier than a Shark?

Fun and interactive with flaps that deliver plenty of comedy and drama, What's Scarier than a Shark? is an irresistible board book that’s guaranteed to get little readers excited about books. We’re introduced to a series of oceanic predators who appear to be about to catch their next meal, until the even more ferocious creatures lurking behind each flap are revealed.

The illustrations feature bright primary colours and bold shapes that will appeal to babies and toddlers, who will be able to navigate the sturdy pages and easy-to-manage flaps by themselves. There is just the right amount of danger without it ever becoming too scary and children will appreciate all the humour which keeps the tone light-hearted rather than menacing. Certain words and phrases are in parenthesis and even crossed out, while a tiny shrimp makes remarks from the side lines, enhancing the book’s theatrical qualities.

Although the text is minimal it has maximum impact. It manages to do an awful lot with only ten pages, and is a wonderful example of the magic that can be made with a cleverly designed picture book. As well as entertaining the very young, this serves a memorable lesson about marine life. Ideal for reading in group settings, as well as to captivated audiences of one, children will find the fish-eat-fish underwater world this book explores highly amusing as well as intriguing.

Book Cover - What's Scarier than a Shark?
Publication Date
June 2023
Board Book
Raon aoise