Kofi and the Rap Battle Summer

Kofi is full of energy, he’s always talking, and he has loads of plans for making money. Quiet Kelvin is a great listener, and he has a superpower, an amazing memory. When they team up, Kofi devises his greatest money-making scheme yet.

Set in the 1990s on an estate in London, Boakye immerses the reader in a world of VHS tapes, pirate radio stations, and Gladiators on the TV. Rap is in its heyday and as Kofi and Kelvin begin exploring the rap world of Kofi’s older siblings, it soon becomes a big influence in their own lives.

While upbeat, fast moving and bursting with enthusiasm, the narrative is also deeply thought provoking as Boakye gives us an age-appropriate insight into the experience of being a young black boy in London in the nineties. With heartwarming family dynamics and a strong sense of community at its core, this story is crammed full of great characters who form a hilarious backdrop to all of Kofi’s adventures. The story gently explores Kofi and Kelvin’s blossoming friendship and shows us how hard it is to figure it all out when you are eleven.

A thoroughly enjoyable read, I look forward to more adventures from Kofi in the future.

Book Cover - Kofi and the Rap Battle Summer
Publication Date
June 2023