Chews Your Own Tasty Adventure

The punny title reflects this cookery book’s gamebook influenced format. From the starting point of flour as the base ingredient, the reader is presented with a series of choices, firstly between savoury and sweet, and more options afterwards. Each of the ingredients is introduced with a rhyming riddle and food facts sidebar. All of the choices conclude with the key ingredients needed for a different dish. There is an array of delicious options, including fairlings, jalebi, trofie, and a boxty inspired potato bread.

The book is divided into clearly defined sections; the half-page ‘shelves’ for each of the ingredients are separated from the recipes by densely worded pages of useful tips. The playful illustrations, infuse colourful childish energy reinforcing the demarcation. The ingredients are depicted as cute characters, with more descriptive drawings for the results of the recipes. Many recipes are simplified versions of traditional dishes, some feature bonus recipes or suggest an additional ingredient leading to further tasty treats.

Each recipe is garnished by a potted history and accompanied by the boilerplate suggestion to revisit the safety tips pages. In addition, there is a detailed glossary and two indexes. The glossary’s pithy explanations of culinary terms and techniques are an essential accompaniment to the recipes for rising young bakers and cooks. In common with most recipes, the 38 featured in this interactive book require adult supervision, and close and careful reading.

Those taking small steps beyond beginner culinary adventures will find this unique choose-your-own-adventure style vegetarian cookbook delightful. 

Book Cover - Chews Your Own Tasty Adventure
Publication Date
June 2023
Raon aoise